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Version 1.42.3 released Feb 2020
**  Please note Quickfire is not compatible with MacOS Catalina 10.15.x  **

Quickfire is a video media player designed to meet the needs of film, video, animation and VFX artists.
Its strong emphasis on organising and reviewing media, along with its unparralleled playback and notation features offer a simple to use yet powerful, free media player to help get your work done.

Colour correction - grade each movie independently
Drawing - draw directly onto videos
Text - easily add typed text to videos (think subtitles)
Notes - attach notes to each movie and easily save them as .csv or .rtf
Bookmarks - bookmark frames or regions of a video, then easily loop and jump between bookmarks
Viewer options - hard/soft masking, frame counter, timecode, variable frame rate, flip/flop, compare files and much more...
Playlists - easily organise and jump between movies in your playlist using cursor keys or clicking the list

Collections of playlists can be saved as a "Quickfire Session" (.qfs file) which includes all your drawings, colour corrections, bookmarks and notes - but NOT the media.
You can save as many session files as you like allowing you to organise work across projects, sequences, vendors,  etc...

Sessions can be loaded back into Quickfire by dropping them onto the interface - and can be shared with collaborators to send notes between people.

  • Playlists
    • Drag and drop movies (or folders of movies) to create unlimited playlists
    • Reorder, filter and sort playlists
    • Find files by name (or partial name)
    • View as list or tiles
    • Reveal selected in finder, copy filename and copy path
    • Create thumbnails from First, Second, Middle, Last or Current frame.
  • Playback Controls
    • Full-screen playback
    • Variable playback rate (0.2-5 x normal)
    • Play forwards, backwards and frame-by-frame (with JKL hotkeys)
    • Step from video to video with up and down arrow keys
    • Loop Movie, Loop Playlist, Play Movie Once, Play Playlist Once repeat modes
    • Trim Handles automatically
  • Drawing Tools
    • Draw directly onto videos (useful for marking-up or adding notes)
    • Brush and Eraser tools with width and opacity controls
    • Drawings can be played back in realtime or be hidden during playback
    • Drawings are stored in Bookmarks, so the bookmark duration determines the drawing duration.
    • Use Snapshot feature to save images with drawings
  • Colour Correction
    • Grade movies individually using RGB/CYM, gamma, exposure, saturation, brightness, etc.
    • Copy and paste grade from movie to movie (or to all movies)
    • Use Snapshot feature to save images with grade 
  • Notes
    • Add coloured flag to movies (useful for making selects)
    • Assign names to flags (will be displayed when exporting notes text file)
    • Add typed notes to each movie
    • Export notes and flags as Rich Text or CSV (for Excel) documents
    • Customisable notes field names - EG "Director Notes" & "Editor Notes"
  • Bookmarks
    • Bookmark frames or regions of a video
    • Add description text to your bookmarks so they're easier to navigate
    • Display description text on screen (useful for adding notes to images)
    • Jump between bookmarks by clicking in the Bookmark Panel or using hotkeys
    • Loop any Bookmark
  • Advanced Display Features
    • Masking/letterboxing (with presets for 1.66, 1.78, 1.85, 2.0, 2.35, 2.39 and 2.40)
    • Mask Opacity
    • Framecounter, timecode and filename overlays
    • Optional floating Timecode Panel can be resized and moved
    • Shows embedded timecode if it exists, or elapsed time if not
    • Flip & flop (mirror image vertically and horizontally)
    • Zoomable image with click and drag to pan around the image (even while playing)
    • Easily jump from 1:1 pixel scale, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Fit Image
  • Audio
    • Save movie audio to .wav file
    • Link .wav file to movie
    • Remove movie audio
    • Save movie with current audio
  • Snapshots
    • Save snapshot image as JPG or PNG with compression options
    • Snapshot while graded, zoomed, mirrored, masked, and with drawings and overlays if visible