Installation notes

1. Download the latest Quickfire zip file at the bottom of this page.
2. Double click it to uncompress the file.
2. Copy the "Quickfire" application into your Applications folder.
3. Double click to run.

Version notes

  • Resolved bug causing some media to crash when looping bookmarks.
  • Important bug fixes and enhancements - recommended for all users.

    • New "Image Zoom" slider in Drawing Tools and Viewer Options panels.
    • New fully detatched Playlist panel - easier to use in a dual monitor setup.
    • Added "Create New Playlist From Selected Items" menu option (right click on items to access menu)
    • New "Enable Lockfiles" feature.  When enabled (in Preferences) this alerts users if they open a session someone else already has open.  Very useful for teams who share .qfs files over a network. Note ALL users on the network need to enable this option.
    • New "Save Backup File".  When enabled (in Preferences) this will save a duplicate of your current session to a user-specified location each time you save.
    • Important bug fixes and enhancements - recommended for all users.
      • Important bug fixes and enhancements - recommended for all users.
      • Significant reduction in .qfs file sizes (around 10x smaller due to new thumbnail image compression).

      • Added “Create Playlist From Selection” option to the Session Window
        • Select as many movies as you like and right-click to choose this option from the context menu.
      • Replaced CSV file exports with TSV file exports
        • Files previously saved as .csv’s (Comma Separated Value files) are now exported as .tsv’s (Tab Separated Value files).
        • TSV’s are more robust at storing text data (such as notes, filenames, bookmark descriptions) which often need to contain comma’s.
      • Create Bookmarks From EDL
        • Imports an Avid EDL and creates a Quickfire Bookmark for each event.
        • If the EDL includes Locators then the locator text is added to each bookmark (currently just the last 12 characters of text for use as shot names).
        • Select one movie and choose “Bookmarks > Create Bookmarks From EDL…”.
        • Note: The first event in the EDL must be on the first frame of the movie (the EDL and movie must match).
      • Export Avid Conform EDL
        • This creates an Avid timeline using each bookmark as a clip/event where each clip is abutted in the timeline.
        • Create bookmarks on as many movies as you like - then select the movies in the order you want and click “File > Export > Export Avid Conform EDL…”.
        • Each clip is abutted in the Avid timeline.
      • Export Avid Locators EDL
        • This creates an Avid timeline using each bookmark as a clip/event where each clip is NOT abutted in the timeline.
        • This allows you to create markers/locators at specific points in an existing timeline.
        • Create bookmarks on a single movie in QF then click “File > Export > Export Avid Locators EDL…”
      • Double-clicking a movie in Finder now immediately displays the movie (if Quickfire is the default viewer)
        • Close the viewer to immediately quit Quickfire without returning to the Session Window.
        • If you’ve modifed the movie (added bookmarks, drawings, colour correction etc.) then closing the viewer returns you to the Session Window where you can save the session if you want.
      • Added “Lockfile” support for multiple users using the same session file
        • Users are alerted if they open a .qfs file which someone else already has open.
        • Turn on “Enable Network Mode” in Preferences to use this feature.
        • Lockfiles are automatically created at the same path as the session file, and are automatically removed when the first user closes the session, or can be manually removed without affecting Quickfire in any way.
        • Note: Lockfiles don’t actually lock the original .qfs or prevent others modifying it - they just alert users that they’re sharing the file.

      Fixes and improvements;
      • Drawings now scale properly with the video when the viewer is resized.
      • Drawing mode stays enabled when switching between movies.
      • Pressing “ + a” now selects all items in the Tile view as well as the List view.
      • Fix bug which caused QF to crash when deleting playlists under some circumstances.
      • Quickfire no longer asks if you want to save the current session if you’ve already saved it and made no new modifications.
      • When jumping to the previous or next bookmark, “Muted” bookmarks are now skipped whether or not Loop Mode is active.
      • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

      • Now able to enter "Drawing Mode" without opening the Drawing Panel.
        • Press "i" hotkey to toggle drawing mode on/off.
        • The "t" hotkey still toggles between Drawing/Erasing.
      • Fixed issue which caused bookmarks to be set on the wrong frame under some circumstances.
      • General bug fixes and UI enhancements.

      • Redesigned "Find" panel.
        • Find feature can now search Quickfire OR the filesystem.
      • Redesigned the Tiles interface layout.
      • Many bug fixes and UI enhancements.
      • This release addresses some (non-critial) known bugs and is advised for all existing users.
      • This release addresses some (non-critial) known bugs and is advised for all existing users.

      • New "Scroll Step" feature
        • Select the amount of time skipped when scrolling
        • Choose between "Frame", "Second" or "Minute"
        • Available in the Viewer Options panel
      • New Preferences items;
        • Reverse Scroll Direction
        • Click Viewer To Hide Floating Playback Controls (full screen mode only). This is now off by default.
      • New "Blackout" feature
        • Press the Tab button to blackout the viewers grey border
        • Press "F" to display the Floating Playback Controls.
      • Resolved a bug which prevented drawings being saved in some situations.
      • Many bug fixes and enhancements.

      • New Bookmark features and hotkeys
        • New Set End Frame of last bookmark feature - press the ' hotkey
        • Loop Bookmark toggle - cmd L hotkey
        • Jump to Previous and Next looping bookmarks - cmd left and cmd right hotkeys
        • Extend Bookmarks feature - extends each bookmark until the next bookmark
      • New drop-down menu in the Playlist Drawer lets you switch playlists within the viewer
      • New FPS slider and text field in the Viewer Options panel lets you enter the exact playback speed you want
      • Many bug fixes and enhancements.
      • Added support for PDF documents.
        • PDFs with multiple pages are displayed on the timeline with one page per frame.
      • Resolved a bug in the "Automatically Search For Missing Media" feature which in some conditions created an infinite loop.
      • Many bug fixes and enhancements.
      • Resolved an issue which sometimes prevented "Save Session" from functioning properly.
      • Bug fixes and enhancements.

      • Resolved issue when updating session files created in previous versions.
      • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
      • Fixed a bug when exporting RTF notes without bookmarks.
      • UI enhancements.
      • Added a new "Notes" text field to Bookmarks (in addition to the "Description" text field).
        • Both are exported with notes.
      • "Save Panel Layout" can now save 2 layouts (EG one for laptop, one for desktop).
        • Hotykeys added to Restore Panel Layouts (⌘1 and ⌘2).
      • Simplified the process for exporting notes.
      • Importing session files created pre v1.13 now converts the old-style Bookmarks into the new-style.
      • Bug fixes and enhancements.

      • El Capitan compatible.
      • New resizeable/positionable Timecode window.
      • Complete rewrite of Bookmarks.  Bookmarks now have a duration (start/end) - meaning they can define a region of a video.  This region can be looped or be used to make "selects".  Text and drawings associated with each bookmark will be displayed for the duration of the bookmark.
      • Many bug fixes and enhancements.

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      SelectionFile type iconFile nameDescriptionSizeRevisionTimeUser

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