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Creating playlists and sessions

Using Quickfire's panels

Drawings and snapshots


Viewer options

Adding and exporting notes

Comparing The Same Frame From Different Movies (before-and-after)
  1. Put the movies next to each other in the playlist.  
  2. Open the Viewer Options panel and set the "Load Movie On" option to "Current Frame".  
  3. Switch back and forth between the two movies.  The same frame number of each will be displayed.
If you change the frame you're looking at, the two movies will stay in sync.

Frame counting
  1. Go to the frame you want to count from.
  2. Open the Viewer Options panel and click the "Set Frame Counter To 1" button.  This will display the frame-counter overlay and set the number to 1.
  3. Go to the last frame of the shot and read the counter number.

Reordering Items In A Playlist
You must be in List view (rather than Tile view) to reorder movies.
You can also use the Playlist Drawer in the viewer window.